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Children Rescue

Why we are who we are...

Our goal is the rescue and restoration of children from the wicked. (Psalm 10)

​* Due to the nature of this work, faces and names are protected.

Rick founded ARM for the sole purpose of rescuing trafficked victims from the terrors of a life of prostitution, slavery, and eventually death. Rick served in the U.S. Army Special Forces in multiple theaters, including Operation Enduring Freedom. After his service, he dedicated his life to using his skills and abilities to seek out those lost to Modern Slavery. ARM is here to protect the unprotected, bring hope to the hopeless, and free the oppressed.

In the Bible, Psalm 10 speaks of the wicked man who hides in the alleys, like a lion, to catch the helpless. But God sees the trouble of the afflicted, He is the helper of the fatherless and He will free the oppressed.

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