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Education and Awareness

ARM trains individuals and groups on many platforms to equip them to identify possible luring, grooming, and exploitation situations. We teach parents and children, schools and colleges, churches, businesses, and organizations the tools to use so they can be proactive and take preventive measures to these situations. And if the worse should happen, how to be effective and have a successful outcome. 

Knowledge and Awareness Training

Predators look for certain vulnerabilities when targeting children and they have many methods to discover them. ARM teaches about these vulnerabilities and how to prevent situations from occurring.  

Social media is one method they use to enter children's lives.

Apps like: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, kik, Tumblr, WhatsApp,, Sarahah provide kids with free reign to meet and communicate with dangerous people looking to exploit. Most parents, teachers, pastors, and guardians of children have limited knowledge of what these apps offer to kids to participate in: sexting, sending nude photos, giving personal information, planning to meet, etc.

(ARM has more in-depth training about each app's functions and intentions. If interested, please contact us to schedule our "Apps" classes.)

Situation Possibilities and Reactions Training


ARM trains individuals what "luring, grooming, and exploiting" is and what to do if they identify a situation. Most people we meet and train don't realize the close proximity of these dangers in their own or child's life. Predators look for those people that think "It can't happen to me or my family."

ARM strives to provide the necessary tools needed to combat these situations to as many people as we can. We want people to be protected, safe, and knowledgeable.

Please allow us to come and share our experience and knowledge with you by contacting us.

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