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Our Mission


The Rescue

ARM directly seeks out and rescue victims from trafficking and abducted situations. ARM works with multiple ministries, organizations, and agencies to facilitate the rescue of trafficked victims and to bring justice against those that exploit them. Sex trafficking is an ever evolving network that takes time, intel, and manpower to eradicate.

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The Restoration

ARM connects sex trafficked victims with ministries that are able to accommodate and care for them. Accommodations include safe houses, churches, homes, and Christian operated orphanages. These organizations play a major role in the healing process needed to recover from a life of slavery. 

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Awareness and Training

ARM spreads awareness by traveling to events to share about the abomination of Modern Slavery.

ARM trains individuals and groups on many platforms to equip them to identify possible luring, grooming, and exploitation situations. We teach parents and children, schools and colleges, churches, businesses, and organizations the tools to use so they can be proactive and take preventive measures to these situations. 

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